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Parent Reviews
Here are some reviews from past and present members of our Blue Button family.  The full letters and Parent/Carer Feedback Reports and can be read at my setting - just ask!  
  • We can see how passionate you are and how much you care and love the children. It is nice to know that when we leave our child*, they* are in the care of someone who is caring, professional and that they* will be nurtured to achieve and learn.

  • Sam's care is first class. I cannot thank her enough for all she does. Her attention to detail is phenomenal and she and her family have become a huge part of our lives. We are currently under government lock down and are still in daily contact, which gives the children familiarity in such uncertain times. I cannot thank her enough.

  • My child*attends Sam’s childcare setting every day and (in a normal, non-pandemic situation!), I would not have it any other way.  Sam takes a kind, loving, but fair approach with her mindees and I can see this reflected in my child's* behaviour.  They* are very polite and constantly tells me and my husband to “Say thank you to Daddy”, “Say ‘you’re welcome’ to Mummy”, so they* are definitely teaching us a thing or two!  The positivity and praise that Sam uses when the children achieve something new increases their confidence, as well as making them feel happy about their achievements.

  • Thanks to Sam’s dedication she ensures that Blue Button’s fantastic indoor and outdoor spaces are regularly updated to fit their current theme as well as the children’s ever changing needs and interests. She provides a wide variety of experiences to support their development in all areas, both within her setting and by taking them on BRILLIANT external trips. For example, museums, farm parks, aquariums, science parks and childminding groups. Her unbelievable planning and organisation makes these trips possible with our children’s safety being the priority. The experiences Sam provides for our children continue to be better than we could have ever imagined and they are both thriving as a result. Sam has made Blue Button a home from home for our children* and this has really helped them in terms of reaching significant milestones such as sitting up, crawling, eating, walking and toilet training.  She always puts the children first and caters for all their needs and encourages child-led learning. 


  • We are so happy that our child* was able to obtain a place at Blue Button Childcare.  Choosing to go back to work rather than stay at home to look after your child is a hard decision for any parent, but knowing that our child* is in the best hands, and already receiving an education even in his early pre school yaers, assues us that they are getting thee best possible start in life. We thank Sam for everything that she has done so far for our child* and us.


  • From my experience of past childminders we have used, Blue Button far exceeds any other with the organised paperwork and communication.  I  have never felt so relaxed to have anyone look after my child* as I do with Blue Button Childcare.

  • When our children are at Blue Button, we are regularly updated about how they are getting on that day and what they have achieved (and/or struggled with).  Sam keeps extremely detailed individual Learning Journeys that are sent home termly with a summary and their next steps clearly outlined. These documents are something that we always look forward to seeing and we are thankful to Sam for all the time and care she puts into them. They are documents that we will treasure forever once  our children* leave Blue Button.

  • Sam's professional ,yet friendly nature is what sets her apart from anyone/anywhere else.  Her attention to details in every aspect of what she does is phenomenal.  Her paperwork is like nothing I had ever received from my child's previous childminder. she explains everything and puts our minds at ease as new parents, in everything she does. 

  • Our child* loves coming to childcare and is always happy to tell us about *their day.  Blue Button is a special place and you give all the children the tools, care and nurture they need to achieve.  The amount of learning outside, trips and organised events you lead is amazing and have developed our child's* maturity and confidence. 

*child's name has been removed 

Ofsted Inspection
Here are some highlights from my latest Ofsted Report.  Please click here to read the inspection report in full.
  • The highly qualified childminder provides a range of exciting activities that ignites children's passion for learning. She skilfully differentiates activities and challenges older children to help them to make good progress in their learning and development.


  • Children have established strong bonds with the childminder. She is kind, caring and sensitive to children's emotional needs. Children are happy and content in the childminder's care. They show high levels of confidence and self-esteem.


  • The childminder has developed very good relationships with parents and they exchange regular information with each other. Parents express how impressed they are with their child's development and are extremely complimentary about the service she provides.


  • The childminder is enthusiastic, passionate and has a very positive attitude. She continually evaluates areas of her practice and is very proactive in addressing any improvements that she identifies. She is dedicated to improving her provision further and attends many training opportunities to support her continued development.


  • The childminder monitors the educational programmes and progress of children effectively to make sure there are no gaps in learning. She has created detailed records of children's experiences to share with parents.

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