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At Blue Button, children are provided with breakfast, a morning snack and a hot cooked lunch, unless we are on a big adventure and then we tend to take a picnic.  They are also provided with a light afternoon snack so you can enjoy your family tea time together at home.

Eating together is an integral part of Blue Button Childcare.  At breakfast, we discuss our plans for the day ahead, at lunchtime we enjoy the moment and wherever we are for the meal, and for our afternoon snack we reflect on the day we have had. Sitting round a table, or on a bench or picnic blanket together is so special because it highlights the children's sense of belonging and importance of each person within our childminding family.  


Our menu changes each week, yet is always reflects the dietary requirements of each child. Providing food for children with a variety of allergens/intolerances is a speciality. 

If your child has a dietary requirement, please get in touch to discuss their specific needs and with guidance from you, I can cater for them. 



When a mindee is exclusively breastfed,  their mum is always very welcome to pop in and feed them during the day.  Our daily plans are arranged around this to ensure the needs of the baby and the other mindees are met. 


When a mindee is also bottle fed, I give them expressed breast milk or formula depending upon the wishes of their parents.  I ask for a supply of milk and bottles to be provided that are kept here and I will sterilise them.



During this time, I follow the lead of the mindees' parents/carers and we work closely together to ensure as smooth a transtion as possible.  We usually share a diary where we all record what the child has eaten at home and during their time here.

I ask that all foods which are classed as allergens are given to the child at home first.  This is covered in much more detail in my policies. 

Please click on the Start for Life logo for offical guidance on weaning.

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