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What Blue Button Provides and What Parents/Carers Provide


At Blue Button, we venture out in all weathers and we also get messy!  If there's a puddle, we are going to jump in it!  My mindees never come in their 'Sunday best' and each child has a box in the playroom where all their belongings are kept.  There are lots of things that I provide, which are included in the daily fees, but there are some additional items that parents/carers provide.  They stay at my house so everyone is always ready for an adventure, whatever the weather!   


What is provided by Blue Button Childcare

  • All Meals and drinks  - breakfast, dinner and snacks (see Menu)

  • Meals out

  • Appropriate sleeping facilities (eg. travel cot or sleep mats)

  • Age appropriate furniture and equipment (eg. swing chair, buggy, high chair)

  • Individual bedding (eg. sheet and blanket)

  • Size appropriate car seats

  • Age appropriate toys, games and books

  • Age appropriate activities and crafts

  • Wipes and nappy bags

  • Disposal of used nappies

  • Puddle suits

  • Sun hats

  • Woolly hats

  • Gloves

  • Hoodies

  • Rain coats

  • Rucksacks

  • Transport costs (petrol or public transport costs)

  • Cost of trips (eg. visit to Eureka, Knowsley Safari PArk, Smithills Farm etc)

  • Entrance fee for groups (eg. Twinkleboost and soft play)

  • Occasional treats (eg. ice cream on a day out)

  • Birthday gifts

  • Gifts for celebrated religious occasions (eg. Christmas, Eid, Hanukah)

What is provided by Parents/Carers

  • Nappies/Pull ups

  • Babies’ bottles

  • Baby milk – formula or expressed breast milk

  • Reigns (if needed)

  • Wellies for mobile children

  • Sun cream

  • 3 x full spare set of clothes for children under 3

  • Lots of spare clothes for recently toilet trained children

  • Weather appropriate coat - thick coat*

*Coats are not worn whilst travelling in the car

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