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The children love spending time in the garden during their time at Blue Button Childcare.  We have created a safe and engaging garden with a large artificial lawn, gravel borders and a decked area.  The garden is enclosed by fences on all 3 sides and at the end of the garden is a secure, locked gate. The area behind this is now overgrown and it is no longer possible to access the back field in this way.  The garden is accessed via steps as it is on a lower level than the house, but children are taught to walk up and down carefully, or carried if they need additional support. 

There is a wide selection of age appropriate resources that my older mindees are welcome to access and incorporate into their play.  My youngest mindees are only permitted on the grass and invitations to play are set up for them to explore within a smaller, more controlled environment.  For example, for non- walkers, I have previously used a large extended 'play pen' so one clear area of grass is available to them and the older mindees have free reign to run around the other parts of the garden.

Before and after pictures.... 

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