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What is the EYFS? 

EYFS stands for the Early Years Foundation Stage and it sets the standards for the learning, development and care of your child from birth to 5 years old.  


All schools and Ofsted-registered early years providers must follow the EYFS, including childminders, pre-schools, nurseries and school reception classes.

This is achieved through guidance from the EYFS Statutory Framework, which supports an integrated approach to early learning and care.  It gives all professionals a set of common principles and commitments to deliver quality early education and childcare experiences to all children.

As well as being the core document for all professionals working in the foundation years, the EYFS framework gives mums and dads confidence that regardless of the setting they choose for their child's early education, they can be assured that same statutory commitments and principles will underpin their child's learning and development experiences. 


What does the EYFS look like at Blue Button Childcare?  

Children learn through play.  I learn about my mindees' interests by getting to know them well and by listening to their parents/carers -the people who know them best.  These strong bonds enable me to set up invitations to play, engaging activities and to take my mindees on amazing adventures with the technical support of the Development Matters.  This is a non-statutory document that provides excellent guidance in helping Early Years practitioners to 'understand and support each individual child’s development pathway.' 


My mindees are provided with plenty of exciting opportunities and share their time between the playroom, the 'chill out' room, exploring the garden and out and about on adventures in the local and wider community.  Our days are flexible and are adapted depending on the needs of the children that day.


My mindees are always encouraged to play and to choose their own resources, developing their own ideas and challenging themselves.  Sometimes they are invited to take part in more focused activities or they will ask me to help them achieve something specific so we go and find what we need.  There is a wide range of resources available to them, which cover all 7 Areas of Learning.  You can learn more about these Prime and Specific Areas.


Every child is unique and learns in their own way and at their own pace.  I  learn how your child plays so I can help them make great progress whilst having lots of fun and adventures!  The way children learn is known formally as The Characteristics of Effective Learning and it is linked to the 7 Areas of Learning.  

I share my mindee's achievements with parents/carers through WhatsApp and home time conversations on a daily basis, and learning journeys on a termly basis.  Every day, I photograph and record 2 marvellous moments that I add to each child's Learning Journey.  Every term, or often monthly, I complete each child's Early Outcomes tracker to officially mark the progress they have made.  Every term (3 times a year), I write a Next Steps Report that is sent home along with each child's Learning Journey so they can take a look at their child's progress and remarkable achievements.  These learning are truly treasured by every family and are a lasting reminder of their adventures with their Blue Button family!