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Development Matters

As an Early Years teacher, this is an extremely useful document that I refer to daily.  It is described as "This non-statutory guidance material supports practitioners in implementing the statutory requirements of the EYFS".  You can see the full document here.

This is part of the Development Matters guidance to support children's learning and development.  It is something I used for each child in my class and it is something I continue to use for each of my mindees.  It helps me to enable them to reach their next milestones and make remarkable progress during their time in my care.


I observe the children playing to determine the way they learn (Characteristics of Effective Learning) and assess the things they can already do as defined by the Prime and Specific Areas.  From there, I plan activities and adventures based on each child's interests, that are designed to challenge and engage.  These invitiations to play, activities and adventures help to ignite the children's curiousity, enabling them to achieve their next steps.

Every stage of this cycle is shared with parents/carers. For more information on this, pelase see Partnership.

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